Wouter Van Dooren

Wouter Van Dooren

Professor of Public Administration

University of Antwerp


Wouter Van Dooren is a professor of public administration in the Research Group Politics & Public Governance and the Antwerp Management School. His research interests include public governance, performance information, accountability and learning, and productive conflict in public participation. He is member of the Urban Studies Institute and the GOVTRUST Centre of excellence.

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  • Public governance
  • Performance indicators
  • Learning and accountability
  • Productive conflict
  • PhD in Social Sciences, 2006


  • MSc in Political Science, 2000



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(2023). Do citizens trust trustworthy artificial intelligence? Experimental evidence on the limits of ethical AI measures in government. In Government Information Quarterly.

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(2021). Health Crisis Measures and Standards for Fair Decision-Making: A Normative and Empirical- Based Account of the Interplay Between Science, Politics and Courts. In European Journal of Risk Regulation.

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(2020). Staging Science: Authoritativeness and Fragility of Models and Measurement in the COVID-19 Crisis. In Public Administration Review.

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