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. Using numbers that do not count: how the latent functions of performance indicators explain their success. In International Review of Administrative Sciences, 2019.

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. The Incommensurables: The arduous art of making a regulatory indicator. In Critical Policy Studies, 2019.

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. Linking turnover to organizational performance: the role of process conformance. Public Management Review, 2018.


. Thirty Years of Performance Research at the European Group of Public Administration. In Edoardo Ongaro (Ed.), Public Administration in Europe: The Contribution of EGPA. Palgrave McMillan, 2018.

. Performance management in Europe: An idea whose time has come and gone?. In E. Ongaro & S. Van Thiel (Eds), The Palgrave Handbook of Public Administration and Management in Europe . Palgrave Macmillan, London., 2018.

. Discrimination and Administrative Burden in Public Service Markets: Does a Public–Private Difference Exist?. In Journal of Public Administration and Theory, 2018.

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. Ten lessons from ten years PPP experience in Belgium. In Australian Journal of Public Administration, 2017.

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. PPP policy, depoliticisation, and anti-politics. In Partecipazione e Conflitto, 2017.

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Data stored in excel is often not ready for research. With some R scripting, you can save yourself a good deal of clicking, copying and pasting


Het Milieueffectenrapport toont aan dat we de Oosterweelverbinding niet nodig hebben. Tenminste, als we het menen met de modal shift


Met veel hoop keek ik uit naar het resultaat van het toekomstverbond over de Antwerpse ring. Twee jaar later overheerst het gevoel van ontgoocheling.


R has great packages to make your own maps. An example with Belgian data


Over nieuwe staatshervormingen, fusies van gemeenten, het afschaffen van provincies, stadsgewesten en de rol van Europa



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