Supply and demand of policy indicators: a cross-sectoral comparison


The amount of measurement in the public sector in Europe is increasing. The United Kingdom in particular may be proclaimed the most measured public sector in Europe, if not the world. Continental public administrations with a more Latin administrative culture do measure performance as well. Although performance measurement is paramount, many complaints are heard. Civil servants criticize that politicians are not using the performance information. Politicians complain that reliable performance information is not available. Politicians and civil servants complain that their own policy sector is hard to measure, if not immeasurable, when you compare it to other sectors. This article seeks an empirical insight in the administrative supply and political demand of performance information. To what extent do supply and demand meet? What is the quality of the supply and which policy sectors measure more? The methodology is a documentary analysis of parliamentary proceedings, i.e. the Members of Parliament’s (MP) questions to the executive in the region of Flanders, Belgium.

In Public management review